Jadarms’ Top 10 Biggest “Richard’s” in the Professional Sports World

World being the key word here folks.

I am going to just throw some names out:

T.O.  (Terrell Owens)

Chad Ochocinco

Bill Belichick

Barry U.S. Bonds

Mike Tyson

Jeff Kent


Roger Clemens (Remember Piazza?)

Pete Rose

Steve Spurrier (Yes, he was in the NFL and ran up the score when he could, he ultimately paid the price for his actions.)

Scott Boras

Kobe Bryant

Michael Vick

Bill Romanowski

David Beckham

Jim Rome

…This is pretty much what I came up with, I am going to do my best to list them, in my opinion, from worst (10) to worst-EST (1).

Here is my top 10:

10. Barry U.S. Bonds

Barry, to me at least, is a tragedy in the sense that I honestly believe that he may have been one of the greatest 3 baseball players to ever play the game…had he not taken steroids and help to corrupt the historical statistics that baseball purists hold in such reverence.  He wasnt the first, he merely followed the pack…but nevertheless, the same ol’ argument about the asterisk on Maris’s single season homerun record will probably never be uttered again due to McGwire, Sosa, and …unfortunately, Mr. Bonds.

I honestly believe, had he not taken steroids, that Barry could be the undisputable 3rd best player the game has ever seen, right behind Ruth and his own Godfather Willie Mays.

My problem with Barry stems not only from reports from the media about “what a Richard he is” but from his own teammates. His own coaches, …and the fact that he let his own best friend, Greg Anderson, remain in prison on his behalf. Even good pal Gary Sheffield claimed that Bonds knew what he was doing and that he himself was drug underneath the bus without his knowing.

I luv ya Gar…but cummon.

Barrys story is sad. I always admired his natural abilities.

9. Bill Belichick

Bill is a fine guy, an absolute football genious. My only problem with him is when he gets caught doing something that 7 out of 10 other coaches probably do…and then, all of the sudden, he gets to value his privacy.

Its like a pitcher winning a big game…all the media comes up afterwards and wants to interview him. Of course, he is there, all smiles, telling how tough it was but that he hung in there, and thanks to his teammates, he had the guts to pull it out.

Same pitcher, different night. He gets skunked, gets pulled in the 3rd inning. The reporters come up and he tells them to f#$% off.

Well, either you are or you arent, which one is the real you? I understand competitiveness but cummon, where is the sportsmanship?

Actually, I dont really mind that all that much. I do admire his competitiveness, his determination.  My biggest problem with Bill is when he walks across the field, after losing a game, and doesnt shake the other coaches hand.

Man up a bit Bill, tell everyone why you taped those practices, why you didnt shake that coaches hand, …tell them that youre just a competitive bastard and you cant help it and I will gladly take you off this list.

8. Chad Ochocinco

Look, he is a T.O. wannabe. T.O. danced on the Star in Dallas, …then went to go play for them for chris’sake. All 08′ wanted to do was “When I score a touchdown, I am gonna go kiss da star.”

Needless to say, Mr. Ochocinco didnt score a touchdown.

I hate picking on stupid people but good grief, but being a stupid person myself, I feel a bit of wiggle room here.

Mr. Ocho would have been higher up on this list had it not been easily observed that he is lacking in the mental department worse than I am.

God help him.

7. David Bechkam

Yes, I said David Beckham. Listen, the guy got ultra millions to come here and help vitalize the most popular sport in the world that is still stagnant in the United States. What the hell was he expecting?

He goes to Italy….”Hey, this team is pretty good, I dont wanna go back!”

D0nt come back Beckham, we dont want u cuz ur a Richard.

Here’s ur sign.

6. T.O. (Terrell Owens / Team Obliterator)

Just because he is an alumni of my hometown university (U.T.C. – Go Mocs!) doesnt mean that we can all sit here and absolutely excuse him from being a clubhouse cancer to absolutely every team he plays for.

I think he is talented, a supreme athelete, and someone who is only capable (at this point in his career) of thinking of himself…team? There aint no “I” in team…but there sure the hell is an “ME”.

I wish him luck (I wish his quarterback luck too…and his coach, and his other recievers, his tight ends, …anyone who he can point a finger at? Well, good luck guys.)

5. Roger Clemens

I know Pro Sports is a business. That doesnt mean I have to like it.

The Bo-Sox nurtured this kid, put up with his injuries year after year? What does he do in return? He goes to Canada, then to the dreaded evil empire we all know as the New York Yankees.

Then what does he do? He goes back from New York to Houston (TX anyway). Its all business. But folks, to a fan, you want to see some loyalty. J.D. Drew played for us for one year in Atlanta, …I wish him well, but I adored him for one year.

Does anyone remember when the Yankees actually delayed the game to announce that Roger Clemens was actually inside the Steinbrenners owners box and that…by God, …he was actually going to play for the Yankees that year?,…err, maybe the last half of the year, at a pro-rated 25+ MM contract and personal jet services via the Steinbrenners.

Gosh, I’ll bet his teammates were thrilled, especially when he wound up with a mediocre single digit won-loss record w/ an ERA over 4.

My biggest problem with Clemens isnt the fact that he used his wife as a scapegoat in front of Congress, it isnt that he lied or cheated is teammates and fellow ballplayers. It isnt the fact that he kept his teams in limbo over the last 3 years of his career (is he going to pitch?)


My main problem with Clemens, cheating and pandering aside, …boils down to this.

4. Jim Rome

This guy is a friggin’ joke. I know he is worthless in the scheme of things but he gets on my every last nerve. What a friggin prick. I tried to look up prick in the dictionary…couldnt find it…then I had a brainstorm…Jim Friggin’ Rome, …sure enough, I turned to the page and I saw a penis…it was very small though. I was sad.

I understand the nature of shock jocks and that they are supposed to do, whats expected of them…I see this guy on T.V. and I think he is an absolute jerk…but folks, listen to him on the radio. These people that listen to him are an absolute glutton for punishment.

He thinks he is cute, thinks he is cool, …how do you tear your own demographic apart and speak condescendingly to everyone who crosses your airwaves (that doesnt bow down to you)…and still maintain a job?

I understand Howard Sterns audience, I dont understand this guys’.

Maybe thats because its in the A.M. station here in town and I can barely pick it up.

I would listen more often to his shinanigans if things like this happened more often.

If he wasnt such a damned nobody, I would have listed him number 1 on my list.

3. Bill Romaowski

Just a mean MF’er…He tried to do a teary eyed interview a few years back.

Sorry, I dont hold up to someone who takes pride in ruining another mans well being. People who know who I am talking about know what I am talking about, nuff’ said.

2. Mike Tyson

Usually when someone says they want to “chew on my ear” then I will give a slight *sigh* and listen to whatever they have to say.

Word of warning folks, if Mike Tyson comes up to you and says he wants to “chew on your ear” it means he didnt get his bologna sandwich this morning and he is probably hungry. I would suggest, in good faith, that you should decline his offer.

I remember the first time I saw a picture of Mike. It was on a Sports Illustrated cover….titled “Kid Dynamite“…nothing could have been any clearer or more precise.

Cus D’Amato took this kid from the rough streets of NY CY and took legal guardianship of him once his foster mother (nice white lady) died. Cus had this kid and took care of him. Mike was a good kid.

Cus died.

Don King entered the picture.

The rest is….sad.

Mike lost all grounding, lost every since of family he ever had. Don King drained this young talented heavyweight American icon of everything he had. His money, his talent, and mostly, …I believe, his soul.

Mike wasnt the same person once he hooked up with “only in America!

I had watched boxing closely while he was in it. That Sports Illustrated mag got me back into, that and a guy named Sylvester Stallone…lol.

I honestly thought that Hollyfield, well…if he couldnt take him, at least he would give him a helluva fight.

Don King thought that too. Thats why, when arrangements were trying to be made between a fight with Hollyfield and Tyson that Mr. King said that Hollyfield “couldnt draw flies to a picnic.”

Was Don looking out for Tyson?


Don was looking at his own wallet and the demographic marketabiility of Tyson. He knew Hollyfield would be an absolute bastard in the ring.

I hate Mike for what he did, but I feel sorry for him at the same time. People took advantage of him. Having said that, I wouldnt have him listed at #2 on this list if it werent for the savageness of what he did…and the fact that he did it twice in the same fight.

No excuse Mike.

1. Michael Vick

I am a die hard Falcons fan.

I am also a die hard dog fan….no, I dont mean that, I like the vols…I mean that I like, no not like, I love dogs…the wuff wuff kind.

Michael, there is absolutely no excuse for what you did. You are going to have to live with it. I hope you never forget it.

Now, I also hope that people can say that Mike served his time, he has apologized, and will not do it again…and give him a 2nd chance…and not just in Atlanta.

I know the black community will give him a 2nd chance. I hope the white community will reciprocate.

I love Vick, I hate what he did, …but I think everyone deserves a 2nd chance.

…Whoever is reading this…I am sure you have had a 2nd chance once upon a time.

6 comments to Jadarms’ Top 10 Biggest “Richard’s” in the Professional Sports World

  • I love dogs…the wuff wuff kind

    My experience with you, it’s the “yip yip” kind… but point taken. I agree with your number one pick fer sure.

  • RW

    If only Vick had killed a human, like Donte Stallworth, his time in prison would’ve been cut dramatically (but, adding in fines & loss of license and paying off the family). We live in a crazy world.

  • Dickipedia has a section on sports figures that might qualify. You may wish to consult with it.

  • jadarm

    You know, I thought about adding the Steinbrenner family…but I had to be somewhat honest. I wished they owned and ran the Braves.

    They are basically “Richards” when it comes to supporting HOF managers like Joe Torre. He left and whats he done since then? Oh yeah, only managing the team with the best record in all of baseball.

    I completely forgot about O.J…but I was also thinking in the context of the sports world. O.J. was actually a likeable guy until he…well.

    I dont understand some of the names in the column. Lance Armstrong? Brett Favre?

    Guess I’ll stick with my own list, lol.

  • RW

    Dan “curly haired boyfriend” Shaunessey, Billy Tubbs, Lefty “‘I hope to die if this kid ever used drugs before’ – but hey, you guys clean up the cocaine before you call 911″ Driessell, Dennis Rodman, Bill Laimbeer, Rick Mahorn, John McEnroe (I loved to watch him play, though), Larry “I’ll leave after winning the championship, and you guys can thank me later for all the NCAA infractions” Brown, Stever Berthiaume (ESPN anchor & Celtics fan who consistently went after Rick Pitino for drafting Chauncey Billips as the 3rd pick way-back-when….well, in retrospect, it sure seems like Pitino knew what he was doing when looking for a point guard for the future, eh?

    I could go on and on and on.

    But, I’m going to point out the most glaring omission. Love him or hate him, and no one can deny that he’s one of the BEST in the history of the sport, but one of the biggest Richard’s is Robert Montgomery Knight. I’ve heard that if you’re his friend, he’s the most caring and friendly people in the world, but when he was coaching IU it was hard to come across a bigger p**ck.

    Although, he seems like an amiable bloke doing ESPN nowadays.

  • jadarm

    RW, I gotta give it to you on my omission of BK. You owned that one.

    Now, who do I omit?

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