What’s the New Boss Up To?

The paranoid cynic in me has to ask, given the “Democratic” Senate’s obstructionism on closing Camp X-Ray, did Obama whisper to someone that he didn’t really want this right now? Did he twist any arms to get what he requested?

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  • RW

    Does that mean the world will stop loving us, again? :)

  • It is impossible to know what the deal is when it comes to politics. It can’t be the 80 million dollars. The government spends 80 million dollars on toothpicks. It can’t be because we are not equipped to handle the prisoners. The United States locks people up like no other country on the face of the Earth. We have that down to a fine science.

    Maybe we leave them in Cuba just in case there is a ticking time bomb scenerio and we have to get information fast.

    So I really have no idea what it is. If I were forced to give an answer my answer would be that he just does not want to have to deal with this right now.

    And it makes all of those Senators look tuff on terra.

    Maybe it winds up being a win for everybody except those who have been locked up without charges or access to legal counsel for years and years and years.

  • Jan

    ‘It ain’t all that hard for all us poor ignerent, unedyecated conservatives to figger it out.’

    The truth is no one wants to accept the responsibility for any fall out that is going to occur when these people are released. It is totally foolish to close one prison and place them in a maximum security prison elsewhere. Other countries refuse to accept these fine outstanding citizens, so….

    Were we not led to believe that these people are not criminals or terrorist and that the Bush administration was just bullying and abusing good upstanding Iraqi citizens?

    Now with democrats in FULL control, if these people do not deserve to be locked up, let them go free.

    Pretty simple.

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