The Ice Cream Truck!

Yeah, the guy (or girl, …who the hell knows?) drives through here like clockwork at 4:30 pm every single day. Problem is…he/she is driving 55 mph when he/she does so.

What the hell are we supposed to do if we want an ice cream or something?

Shoot flares up into the air when we start to hear the faint traces of “Three Blind Mice” hovering through the treetops?

Should I spike the road?

Should I go to ebay, buy, and assemble an American made RPG from Iranians and shoot a warning shot across the bow of his truck as he/she blazes through?

This guy (or girl, who knows?) has got to be even broker than I am.

When this guy/girl went through the initial on the job training for this position…they must have told him/her to go stand in the corner of a round room…and he/she hasnt quit running since.

…and along the same subject lines. I have noticed Ice Cream Trucks traveling the roads frequently at midnight or later in the Rossville area.

Now, having spent some good quality time in the downtown neighborhoods, I can attest to the fact that not all Ice Cream Trucks sell only Ice Cream.

No, I am not talking about popsicles or nachos either.

I am talking about the Doctor Feelgood stuff.

Now, I also know the police are all over the Rossville area by sheer experience. Do they not scratch their head when they see an Ice Cream Truck at one O’clock in the morning tearing ass through random neighborhoods?

I will shut up now, go to Wally World…and buy my own damned ice cream.

2 comments to The Ice Cream Truck!

  • Maybe the ice cream person (man/woman sounds too binary and awkward) is on the run from a baseball team? Or like the Drew Carrey Show, it is not selling ice cream at all – but beer or like you suggested, Dr. Feelgood.

    … and these ice cream trucks which offer Dr. Feelgood, do you know of any that travel in the Capitol Hill neighbourhood of Denver? I hate buying my “prescription” in Civic Centre Park. (I’m a few months away from my Colorado Medical Marijuana License! ^_____^)

  • jadarm

    No, but I can go down to the Chattanooga Rescue Mission and ask around. I actually have an uncle in Denver but I wouldnt ask him.

    Here is some good advice, …if you are outside past midnight, …and you see an ice cream truck slowing down in front of you…

    …run like hell.

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