Robots! (non-killer variety, though)

The ACLU honors Jack Kemp

A reflection on what happens when a canonical epistle quotes a non-canonical one. – Interesting aside: The author says of 1 Enoch “(quite a different account of the origin of demons than the standard fall of Lucifer story which, incidentally, is not found in the Bible).” In fact, the fall of Lucifer story is found in the Bible, but it is not about Satan, but about a king of Babylon. I discovered this in church – relatively recently – when the minister quoted the story. He pointed out that it was about the king of Babylon, who he interprets as a cipher for Satan. However, the story is never told that Satan fell from heaven in this way – I was so sure that it was, that I went looking for it… turns out it’s not there. There is a similar discussion of the king of Tyre which is also interpreted by evangelicals as a figure for Satan. I don’t know of any evidence that the authors saw it that way, or that the original audience would have understood it that way.

Unkind words for the Patriot’s Bible.

Who could ask for two finer crazies for a crazy segment. Not sure about the nomenclature, though. I thought the correct term for McKinney was “moonbat”.

Their feet suggest they branched away before erectus. And yet, they may have shared their tool-making with modern humans as little as a few thousand years ago.

Faith healing for those paying attention.

This lady stopped in to our church Sunday morning – a pit stop on her “climate walk” over the length of U.S. Highway 11 (Brainerd Road, Lee Hwy, among others in this neck of the woods) from New Orleans, LA to the Canadian border in New York. She’s very nice. She also has a photo-blog of her adventure.

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