Afternoon Links and a Thought

Patternicity… It’s a game that can be played with anything – and I’ll confess quickly, quietly, and shamefacedly, that I took a turn or two with it in my day, when I liked me some woo.

Speaking of woo, rightists aren’t the only ones who can have it in for science.

To continue along with a theme, Skeptic’s Play is skeptical of skepticism, too. And makes a very good point: “It is not always the case that the public doubts too little. It is just as often the case that the public doubts too much.”

Bartholomew catches a failure of skepticism on the part of the UK’s Daily Mail, with our own World Net Daily taking the bait. And, it’s funny. Irenaeus position proven by 21st century vandals. Nice.

Unrelated, Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee comes up with some good thinking on Afghanistan.

Super great story about a backyard comet hunting kid.

And a final thought…
For at least the next 8 years, no matter who is President, every Supreme Court nominee will be considered “controversial”. The politicization of the court began before in the early 1980′s and has continued apace since then. Obama’s appointment will be “controversial”, and so will every following appointment until Americans stop looking at the Court as though it is a broken vehicle for advancing a partisan agenda, in need of being repaired so that it can better advance one.

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