Acommodation vs. appeasement


This post by anti-accomodationist Jerry Coyne deserves an answer. But, I gave that answer as a comment on this post by anti-accomodationist Larry Moran. I’ll summarize what I said there:

I see no reason to think it impossible for some people to accept one class of ideas only with evidence, and another class of ideas only on faith.

I find it amazing that so many people believe this is impossible… ummm… without any evidence that it is so.

I say, stake out a territory for science in the empirical and natural – where it is truly authoritative – and let the philosophers & theologians wage the territory wars on such subjects as morality, purpose, meaning, and the supernatural. Science has a very nice territory staked out with nature and the empirical, and should defend that territory to the death. What stake does science have in those soft territories of the theologians and philosophers?

That isn’t to say that I won’t take up a side in the philosophical & religious dispute… it’s just that I won’t bring science into it unless someone makes an empirically testable claim about nature.

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