Spring is Dogwood Trees


Bradford Pears are big around here. And they’re beautiful – I have to grant that. They have an unfortunate smell and are prone to wind damage, but they are a gorgeous early blooming tree.

Me, I’m a Dogwood man. Cornus Florida, white only. (Pink is pretty – but keep them away from the white, please). It isn’t really spring until I start seeing elegant clusters of big white blossoms, trimmed with green, looming over dark hued limbs and trunks.

This has always been a big treat for me, here and in southern Alabama where the dogwoods are set off by towering azaleas blooming in bright colors and shaded by the occasional tall palm tree. There, they are the crown jewel in the gardens of beautiful Victorian homes. Here, they stand on their own against the returning greens of nature.

The season being almost over, I thought I would use a few words to capture the moment before it passes.

4 comments to Spring is Dogwood Trees

  • Love the religion tag. Very appropriate. Spring screams resurrection.

    I love pink and white Dogwoods. Bradford Pears are nice but they seem to come and go so very quickly. I am also a big fan of the Redbud.

    I love this time of year but I have found that the older I get and the more I analyze it I love every time of year. Even the desolation of winter. I think I love winter because I know Spring is just around the corner.

  • ben

    AWWW,the blooming of dogwoods,that means the crappie are biteing.

  • Wow, Buck – I guess that was synchronicity – I didn’t mean to put this in any categories…

  • I guess that was synchronicity

    Call it what you will ;-)

    Ben I bet I haven’t been crappie fishin’ in over 30 years. But I did help catch a stringer full of bream with Patrick not too many years ago. That was back when we would go fishing instead of playing disc golf.

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