Scruples for $500

The answer is “Yes.”

Dan McLaughlin says, “Should the surviving Somali pirate be charged as a juvenile if he is 16 years old?

That’s right Dan!

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  • jadarm

    Although I share no remorse for our military putting 3 bullets thru 3 guilty heads in order to save 1 innocent one…and I also do not look down upon others that have felt a bit of pride in our nations ability to do so and have thus expressed it in their own individual and personal way…I am all the way with you on this one smij!

    He needs to be bent over a knee.

  • I have not kept up with this pirate shit very closely but wasn’t the guy who survived the guy they sent to do the negotiations?

    Was he 16?

    Damn. How old were the guys who took bullets to the head? 12?

  • Not sure how old the survivor is – all four were reportedly between 16 & 19. Sad.

  • Jones

    When they took on the role of an adult, they became one. The 16 year old should be treated the same as the other, one shot, no problem…

  • Jones…. someday you’ll probably have kids of your own & I think then you will understand.

  • Jones

    My youngest is 38, so yes I already know…BUT he/they must think of themselves as adults, then they pay the price of an adult.

  • And, I suppose if my dog thinks of himself as a person then I have to give him his own bedroom & tv?

  • Jones

    You can do whatever you wish with your dog… I’m talking about a young man that thinks he’s grown!

  • I guess I was too subtle. A kid thinking he’s grown doesn’t make him grown any more than a dog thinking he’s a person makes him a person.

  • It has been determined that he will be tried as an adult. Right?

  • The captured pirate is 19 years old. I don’t have specific information that he will be tried as an adult, but it would be very surprising if he is not. At the time this was posted, his age was not known.

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