Safe Captain, Unhinged Busybodies

John Cole finds plenty of dumb to go around in the aftermath of the Pirate story. And there is plenty of dumb to go around.

Let me back up. I followed the pirate story closely – it was pretty dramatic and scary. I’m very glad it had a happy ending. I didn’t say anything before because I had nothing to say that wasn’t cheap, partisan or stupid, but I repeat myself.

Anyway, I’m with John – great job to the professionals who brought this crisis to a close. Great job to the crew that used their training to retake their boat. Great job to all of the good guys involved.

And, since John missed them – here are a couple more stupids on the net…
The oh so manly Ace of Spades:

In a better world, their lives would now be forfeit.

And of course, the village wouldn’t be complete without its Atlanta radiohead – NB:

One regret. The head shots that killed the three pirates were simultaneous. This means that none of the Muslim goons got to see their buddy’s heads explode. Oh well … can’t have everything, I guess.

I’m sure we all have similar impulses. I’m sorry that some of us are still proud of them.

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  • RW

    “oh so manly”????????

    Why the Greenwald-esque tone toward the notion that killing terrorists isn’t such a bad thing? [You call them pirates, I call them kidnappers & terrorists] I can understand if one is a legitimate pacifist (which is noble, don’t get me wrong) but what, exactly, is knuckle-dragging & seeking to emit an “I’m a manly man” attitude with hoping that someone who shoots at our soldiers gets killed?

  • Why? Because it sounds like it comes out of a comic book written for a fifteen year old. I bet if I scanned the 11 volumes I just finished reading of Robert Jordan’s fantasy series, I’d find Mazrim Taim or Rand Al’Thor saying pretty much the same thing about a cartoon villain. It’s all good in adolescent fantasy, but since this was the real world a more mature response might be called for. I’m sure the Naval personnel, if they were fired upon, were in a position to make a real world decision whether they were at risk and should return fire, or should hold fire in order to avoid harm to the hostage.

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m sure that when the time came that the order to fire was issued, the snipers felt good about pulling the trigger.. They’re human – they couldn’t help that. But I bet even they would be embarrassed to go chest thumping about how the pirate’s “life was forfeit” on the internet. Because there are elements of human nature besides glorying in the demise of an enemy – and those are the ones grown ups like to talk about.

  • P.S. – “They should have killed them right then” might have escaped the dumb list. “In a better world their life would be forfeit” was just too big in the puffery department to let go.

  • RW

    Because there are elements of human nature besides glorying in the demise of an enemy

    That’s all they are, an enemy?
    Because I can tell you with confidence, if I were to scan huffpo, dailykos, Cole, etc., based just on the links that I see on the various sites I actually DO read, I’d see that they consider ME an enemy. Sarah Palin is an enemy. Limbaugh is an enemy. That week when Rahm Emmanual wanted Jim Cramer to be an enemy, the troops acquiesced and accepted him as such.

    The people doing those acts aren’t “enemies”, they’re legitimate international terrorists, kidnappers and thugs.

    In my world, I see nothing wrong with wanting a quick death to those who fire on our soldiers. I’d think the same thing were someone to fire on our president – which was a statement a lot of “grown ups” (examples listed above) wouldn’t be so quick to support during the years 2001-2008. Now, one can disagree with “my world”, but it’s hardly “stupid” to think it prudent to kill someone who is firing upon your person.

    BTW, if you’re against cartoonish & over the top rhetoric, I must ask what else in the world does one happen upon at balloon juice? :)

  • jan

    I am glad the captain is safe. What I keep remembering is that if George Bush had ordered this ending for the kidnapping, media in the USA would be calling for an investigation to find out if the killing of the pirates was actually necessary and the Navy Seals just might be arrested and charged with murder. You know I am right on this.

  • When there isn’t a real-world life and death situation, then I can take my cartoonish & over the top rhetoric on a case by case basis. Done artfully, it’s fun. Done inartfully… I like to make fun of it… See Neal Boortz. ;)

    I don’t see anything wrong with wanting a quick death to those who fire on our soldiers – before they succeed in harming our soldiers. I don’t even see something wrong with a visceral desire for sudden death to such a person after they are no longer capable of harming anyone (though I obviously don’t think the latter is the right way to go about things). But I do see something wrong with puffing one’s self up with attempts to sound noble about either. In fact, it’s sad that these guys put themselves in that position and eventually that they got themselves killed. You can find it prudent to kill someone firing on your person without finding it glorious to do so, or effete to refrain from it.

  • Hey… I don’t know that you’re right about that, but you’re welcome to express that opinion! ;)

  • jan

    I don’t know that I am right either, but I think it is highly likely. It is good that Captain Phillips is safe and hopefully other pirates will be afraid to mess with US ships in the future. President Obama did the right thing.

  • RW

    Okay, I think I’m starting to understand;

    The statement “In a better world, their lives would now be forfeit” is not altogether out of sorts, since you agree at least somewhat with the sentiment when taken within the same EXACT context that the writer allowed (when our soldiers are being fired upon their lives are worthy of forfeit), it’s just “dumb” when the writer is obviously puffing their chest out while typing that text in an “oh so manly” sort of way.

    Second, when there isn’t a real-world life and death situation, cartoonish & over the top rhetoric can sometimes be artful. One assumes the case of Terri Shaivo, was not one of those situations. Or, the case of Scott Beauchamp making up stories (life in Iraq was life & death during those days, after all). Art is, after all, in the eye of the beholder. Or….well, I’m guessing that cartoonish & over the top rhetoric is more applicable – just a guess, but an educated one since I’ve been reading a lot more lefty sites in the last 5 months – when directed at the “enemies” on the right.

    Which leads me to a conclusion that is being more verifiable with each passing day: there is abject hatred of conservatives amongst the glitterati of the left-wing-web. Not disdain, not dislike, not disagreement; hatred. One of the reasons I like reading you is that you often set aside entries where you adhere to your liberal (or progressive, if that’s what you prefer, I do not intend to be offensive so fill in with the preferred term) beliefs and you often post instances of why you do or where you think there are injustices to y our ’cause’/ideology.

    Now, go scan a few of your favorite sites.

    Tell me if I’m wrong in what is present: with our nation’s economy on the brink, North Korea firing missles, federal spending becoming more like Monopoly the game than USA the reality, each day for lefty writers on the web,or on television (Letterman, Maher, Stewart*) begins with researching that which pisses them off (conservatives) followed by a seething screed about how evil Republicans are & (this is the most important part) how they should have no credibility.

    Nancy leads the House.
    Harry leads the senate.
    Obama leads the executive branch.

    But leadership isn’t the optimum topic of any particular day; personal destruction of the ‘real’ enemy is item #2 on the to-do list (number one being ‘get filled with rage about the enemy’). I think President Clinton was the person who brought the phrase “politics of personal destruction” into the nation’s vernacular – which is ironic since he had Begala, Carville, Lensner, etc., doing just that behind the scenes, but that’s an aside since politics is a dirty biz & everyone participates – and for about 9 months that was the talking points catch-phrase. Now, it truly is the M.O. for the ‘big’ lefty web. Seriously, try to remove yourself from “partisan smijer’, go check the big sites or watch some of the shows and tell me what percentage of what you see is advancing your cause/politics versus – or entertainment if it’s television – that which seeks to destroy individual conservatives/Repubilcans.

    [Note: yes, I'm aware that "my side", which seemingly is tougher to define since conservatives are wading through the abyss at this time, can be just as guilty and I'm not playing the you-guys-are-worse game. Just keep in mind that this discussion pertains around AOS putting forth an opinion on a topical story & you pointing to BJ reacting to the righty opinions around the web. For all intents & purposes most big blogs, and using that site as an example fits, don't use their space to advance their agenda. Rather, they are blogs about other blogs. Oh, there'll be a "let's get card check passed" entry every once in a while (the daily Andrew Sullivan gay marriage entry is a given), but I'd venture a guess that the majority of entries are built around the premise of (a) finding out what someone on the 'right' has said about something; (b) seeking to destory them based on what they said. Favorite resources for those entries, by the way, are media matters & Josh Marshall.

    Am I wrong in my conclusions?

    I surely didn't expect "hope and change" because I knew that was just political rhetoric, but I surely wouldn't guess that the overwhelming time-user would be "let's find some way to get pissed off about Republicans". Not just sometimes, most of the time. Were we on the right like that? I know we all find things that denigrate the institutions & beliefs that we hold dear & we want to react, that's human nature (and about 90% of Rush Limbaugh's empire) but for so many to go out of their way to smear that which has no power whatsoever, and to do it on a continual basis, tells me that it goes beyond political disagreement. It's hatred. And, it's presented with buffoonish & cartoonish rhetoric that not a single one would actually read while sitting across from the target-of-the-day (except Cramer, who rolled over & died for Stewart).

    Okay, take me apart. :)

    [Sorry to hijack, were I still blogging I'm sure I'd go even further into detail intead of doing one of those 'stream of consciousness' things on your site, but I'm not blogging & Jay doesn't have a recent topic that is even close,'re the victim, I suppose. :) ]

    * I remember back when Jon Stewart (who I think is hilarious) was presented as an “attack all sides comedian”. Also, thanks for the link on the “preznit” entry, I’d forgotten that atrios existed….I also recall him replying to conservatives complaining about Olbermann years back by giving the “Keith is just speaking truth to power during those special comments” retort. Talk about cartoonish rhetoric when looking back….wow.

  • Holy cow! Do your fingers never get tired? I’ll decline your offer to “take you apart”… :) I remember reading AoS post a couple of days before I made my post … at the time, my immediate reaction was “I’d like to see the pirates taken out, too, but my god, you won’t catch me bragging about it as though it were some kind of badge of honor” (only I don’t really form complete sentences from initial reactions in most cases).

    I usually forget Atrios, too. I used to read him regularly and I loved the preznit/turkee gag – it became a running joke for a while. But I rarely check his site now. Instead, I rely on my feed reader. My feed reader includes two “big” lefty blogs – Dkos and Balloon Juice. I normally only browse the headlines of either, though I’m more apt to read the full posts from BJ – because it’s better, less knee-jerk partisan, and more thoughtful. I read several righty blogs, and apart from the horrid Red State, and the too-far-right AoS, I applaud quietly as often as I sneer. Here’s the full list of what I read:

    Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne
    10,000 Monkeys and a Camera by Alice (!) :)
    A Simple Jew
    Above MediocrityMy cousin from my hometown in Georgia
    Ace of Spades
    Ancient Hebrew Poetry
    Balashon – Hebrew Language Detective
    Balloon Juice
    Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion
    Ben Witherington
    ACLU’s Blog of Rights
    Calculated Risk (economics)
    The Chattablogs aggregator
    Cocktail Party Physics
    Codex: Biblical Studies Blogspot
    Cosmic Variance
    Daily Kos
    Ecce Homo
    Economics and Similar, for the sleep deprived
    End Times Prophetic, Prophecy, Visions, Dreams, Revelation, Chris
    Evidence Based Thought
    Evolutionary Novelties
    Facing South (I sure do miss South Knox Bubba!)
    Faith Blogging
    FourEightFour (Chattanoogan)
    Front Page Stories
    Front Porch Republic*
    Glory to God for All Things
    Grabbing Sand
    Grasping Reality with Both Hands (Brad DeLong)
    Greta Christina’s blog
    Guitar & Indie Music
    Hesed we ‘emet
    Hirhurim – Musings
    I’m Just Saying! (Chattanoogan)
    In the Field
    Irresponsible Journalism (Chattanoogan)
    Jlue’s Weblog (mom)
    John F Moss
    Julia Sweeney
    Kung Fu Monkey
    Learn Card Tricks
    Les Jones
    Lie to Me
    Little Green Footballs*
    Living the Scientific Life
    MArooned (Jay G)
    Midwest Christian Outreach: The Crux (drivers for Covenant Transport)
    My Quiet Life
    Nealz Nuze
    New Testament Studies
    No Silence Here (but I’m not sure the feed is working)
    Nonprofit Land
    peripatetic patter
    Post Politics: Political News and Views in Tennessee
    Postcards From Myself
    Religions of the Ancient World
    Riehl World View
    Shuck and Jive
    Skeptic’s Play
    Southern Athenaeum (1 & 2) (high school bud)
    Starts with a Bang
    Straight White Guy
    Sunlight Foundation
    Tennessee Ticket
    The Busybody
    The Cleft of the Rock
    Teh End Times Blog
    The Forbidden Gospels
    The Intersection
    The Long Now Blog
    The Loom
    the mindful mission (Hippy Dave!)
    The New Testament Roundtable
    The Oval: Top Stories (USA Today)
    The Panda’s Thumb
    The Public Interest (Chattanoogan)
    The Secular Outpost
    Toys in the Attic (I think this feed *must* be broken)*
    Transforming Sermons
    Two Powers in Heaven
    UUpdates aggregator latest stories
    Wandering Hillbilly

    * In my utopia, every conservative would think like one or more of the authors of these five blogs :)

  • Hey, you ever read Boortz??

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