GWB to come out of retirement, take on Commander in Chief role

At the request of Barack Obama, who says that he wants to “remain focused on the economy”, George W Bush is coming out of retirement to take a special position in the white house on foreign policy and top military liaison.

In a move that can only be described as “some kind of April Fool’s Joke”, Barack Obama has invited his predecessor to return to the White House to take on a new position as head of the military and chief of national security. “Mr. Bush already has the experience needed as Commander in Chief to hit the ground running and to keep continuity not only with the programs developed under his leadership in the last eight years, but also with the very similar programs my national security team has put forward,” Mr. Obama said in a statement today. Under Mr. Bush’s command would be the Pentagon, the State Department, and the various intelligence agencies. Mr. Bush, responding to a question about his personal eagerness to take on the project said, “Bring ‘em on.” So far the public reaction appears to be somewhat resigned. “Any other day you told me this, I’d have believed you,” said Tennessee resident Pete Townsend. He chuckled, and with a wry grin said “Meet the new boss.” - Dead link

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