Links With Your Eye Boogers Tuesday

One way to do green energy right.

  • Angelomorphic Christology (pdf)
  • More links from the Two Powers blog discussing angelomorphic Christology
  • Creating Jesus: How Jesus became a God – April DeConick asserts that Jesus was not considered co-equal with the Jewish God during his lifetime (I am hoping she will explain the basis for this assertion along the way) – she promises to trace his path to Godhood. Angelomorphism will be discussed.

    (ending the group of related posts – please note, I do not think that an Angelomorphic Christology is necessarily incompatible with orthodox trinitarianism. I’d welcome any information that helps make that point clear)

    Becoming Awakened:

    Dharma is the virtuous path, but it means more than accepting the beliefs of a specific religion. The Dalai Lama explained that compassion is the core of dharma. When you embrace all and exclude none, when you love all and hate none, selfless service becomes a natural part of your life, he said. Your inner conflicts and restlessness melt away, and you become established in peace. This peace begins to fill your surroundings. You are no longer a source of fear for others, and others are no longer a source of fear for you. This is how you create heaven, or paradise, here and now. It is within you.

    Finally, at the end of his talk, questions were invited from the audience. A man said, “I understand Buddhism does not believe in God. What is your opinion about God? Does God exist or not?”. His Holiness laughed, grabbed the hands of the two spiritual leaders on each side of him, lifted them in the air, fixed his gaze upon the audience, and said emphatically, “God exists or God does not exist. Leave it for us. Your task is to learn how to live peacefully.”

    My Kind of Church Music – Both Sides Now – I love this song – especially when Judy Collins does it. But maybe even more especially in Roger Whittaker’s version since that was how I heard it as a tike on a 33 my dad liked to play. I think it came in around Christmas – for some reason I associate it strongly with a Jim Neighbor’s Christmas album.

    Commentor Bestiary is a two page exhaustive dissertation on the various types of commentators which somehow manages to leave endless variations on “Bears crap in the woods” unexplained.”

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