Who Holds the Slobber Bucket?

While Neal “is just saying”?

Will there be any griping and moaning about the $2 billion WalMart has just awarded its employees? Probably not. And do you know why? Because that money went to hourly employees. And to wealth-envy Americans, these are the people that really deserve the bonuses.

Ummm… Or that Wal-Mart didn’t just take a hundred billion dollar bailout? I’ll give this one the “duh” award today.

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  • You know that Neal is smart enough to know the difference. The only question is how dumb does he think his listeners are? Sometimes I think he plumbs the depths just to try and find out for himself.

  • I get the idea that he thinks his listeners are extremely dumb – and based on the fact that they keep listening, and some of the things they say in the comments, and on the fact that I have him programmed into my Google Reader, I have to guess that with some of us he isn’t far wrong.

  • Jan

    If Neal was speaking of the groaning because of the bail-out, I agree with you that it wasn’t a good comparison. I think there was a lot of complaining prior to the bail-out about rich, fat CEO’s. I heard it almost daily, so he could have been making the connection there. Any member of management who got a big bonus was anathema.

    But I have another question…

    How stupid does Chris Dobbs think democrats and Americans in general are? He must be right. He holds an elected position.

    PS I bet some of those who comment on Boortz’s webblog have never listened to him on the air or read a complete column.

  • Jan

    Pretty stupid to spell Chris Dodds name as Dobbs, too, huh? The older I get the worse my typing and proofing skills become.

  • Maybe you were thinking of Lou Dobbs. Maybe it was the Boortz/xenophobia connection ;)

  • Jan

    I definitely intended to write Dodds, but Dobbs is a name that was very common where I grew up and I guess it my brain just reverted.

  • jan

    And it should have been Dodd.

  • RW

    I think it’s just a case of the imply/infer conundrum. I see the phrase “And to wealth-envy Americans…” and I ‘get’ what he’s probably saying (I can think of a few names as an example from my own experience, probably not Neal’s, but….those people most surely exist and are aplenty – and not a one of them would fess up to it, I’m sure) while you probably see “he’s implying the people complaining about the AIG bonuses are those class warfare types, when the problem really is with the company using taxpayer funds for those…”.

    A guess, but that’s what I’m willing to bet. Neal’s a big-L Libertarian, so those “the government must do something about the gap between rich and poor” folks really set him off, especially since all their remedies involve taking from one group and giving to the other. Those would be the “wealth-envy Americans” he’s pointing to, IMO.

  • RW

    How stupid does Chris Do[dd]s think democrats and Americans in general are?

    Answer: Very.

    * If he gets re-elected, he’ll find out just like Barney Frank, Strom Thurmond, Ted Kennedy, Ray Nagin and a host of others have….they are.

    If I had to place a bet, I’d say 20-to-1 in his case he’s right. He’ll get re-elected despite the fact that he’s been a big part of this problem and doesn’t deserve to spell the senate, much less sit there. Of course, I’d say that bout 90+ of them (100 every decade or so).

    * (hey, the context is Democrats and Americans, cut me some slack)

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