Science Scavenger Hunt

An idea that I had that might be fun and educational is this… I’ll take a bit of science trivia and post a related question here. If it suits you, you can take off & try to find the answer. The first person to post the correct answer in the comments wins!

It’s just trivia, but the solutions will be facts, generally already explained by extant theory. Maybe you can puzzle out the explanation, or find a new one of your own.

So, here’s today’s puzzler:
Which mammals are unable to synthesize their own ascorbic acid (vitamin c), and must rely on dietary intake to provide it? One group is different in many ways from the rest. How can this difference be accounted for?

2 comments to Science Scavenger Hunt

  • jadarm

    Humans, the little rat/piggie thingies that scientists experiment things with, and some monkeys…the kind of monkey that swings on trees.

    As for why?

    God got pissed, thats why.

    …u did say that we could improvise didnt you?

    just kidding.

    but, am i correct?

  • Pretty close. I’m not going to call a winner yet, in case somebody gets it exact before the day is out. But, yeah – real close.

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