Primate Suspect no Chim-Pansy

Science NOW says Throw Him Behind Monkey Bars. Attorney vows to leave no stone unturned in ape’s defense.

All kidding aside, it can’t come as a big surprise that apes think ahead. The surprise would be that other critters for which such premeditation would be adaptive lack that ability.

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  • Clearly they need to brush up on “The Murders in the Rue Morgue.”

  • Charlie Talbert

    Hopefully this study will expand, to figuring out why the human primates can discern planning capabilities in others, but not the suffering they cause by seizing these fellow beings from their home communities and caging them for trivial amusement. Is anyone asking WHY this primate is throwing rocks at the bystanders outside the bars?

  • Charlie,

    Let me first remark that I understand and agree with you about the importance of animal welfare, and I do have strong reservations about keeping primates (and other species for that matter) in zoos. However, the issue isn’t all black and white to me, and I have to acknowledge that I don’t know how well off animals kept in zoos will be compared to their wild relatives or that the stresses of zoo life outweigh the dangers of wild life. I have to acknowledge that I don’t know if the animals in question were “taken from home” or are continuing to live in the circumstances of their birth. And, I have to acknowledge that the mission of the zoo isn’t necessarily purely trivial amusement. Missions of education and/or research may also be served there.

    As to why this guy is throwing rocks – I don’t know, but the article suggests it has to do with the recent death of one of his cohorts.

    All this said, I understand your anger, and in many ways share in it. I hope that the jokes I make here don’t offend you. I assure you – no animals were harmed in the making of these puns.

  • The poor bastard has been left alone with four females.

    If he ever learns how to make a noose the zoo will probably be looking for another ape.

  • Charlie Talbert

    This site offers some short clips revealing the value that human research on other primates can provide.

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