Links with your eye boogers Thursday

I’ve laid off the on-going saga of George Will versus Reality, but Carl Zimmer really takes him and global warming denialism to school. Does a good job of tackling the new “global cooling” myth (as opposed to the other one.

John Cole reminds us how seriously we should take Jim Cramer’s rants.

I don’t know what to think about designer babies except 1) I’m not one, and 2) if there is to be a public policy debate on this it needs to be premised on the best responsible science about what risks this carries for individuals and families. Nothing to be optimistic about in our anti-intellectual culture.

Via The Public Interest, I had no idea it was necessary to explain this to anyone, let alone a news outfit like ABC. But, under any fathomable tax structure including the Obama tax plan, it still pays to increase your income. Duh. Anyone wanting to cut back to avoid taxes, let me know – maybe I can take some off your hands. I wouldn’t mind getting into that $250k bracket at all.

Funny creationist father-in-law schooled by son-in-law.

A view contrary to my own on faith. My criticism is that it avoids dealing with the problem of belief, instead focusing on a bootstrap theory of faith. Just presenting the opposing viewpoint – this guy coming from the Eastern Orthodox tradition.

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