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  • I for one welcome our new overlords from the Master Race of people who are successfully treated for serious and life-threatening medical conditions.
  • ‘Theory of mind’ could help explain belief in God:

    First, volunteers responded to statements about whether God intervenes in the world or not, such as “God is removed from the world”.

    Here, brain activity was focused mainly in the lateral frontal lobe regions of the brain where theory of mind takes shape, enabling us to interpret other people’s intentions. The regions link to mirror neurons which enable us to empathise with other people.

    Second, the volunteers mulled statements on God’s emotional state, such as “God is wrathful”. Again, and as the researchers predicted, the activated areas were those where theory of mind enables us to judge emotion in others, such as the medial temporal and frontal gyri.

    Finally, the volunteers heard statements reflecting the abstract language and imagery of religion, such as “Jesus is the Son of God” or “God dictates celebrating the Sabbath”, or “a resurrection will occur”. Here, volunteers tapped into areas of the brain such as the right inferior temporal gyrus, which decodes metaphorical meaning and abstractedness.

  • The thin, thin line between socialism and capitalist nirvana.
    Socialism versus Capitalist Nirvana
    Seriously. I understand the theory that lower taxes will encourage more investment, and that investment is necessary for productive industry to keep people employed in building a world to live and thrive in. But, if the markets are such that one can reap quick large and painless rewards investing in worthless paper instead of in building materials and new technologies… then it just doesn’t work right. And seriously. A few percent here and there is probably not enough to push us over the top of the “Laffer Curve”.

  • Cocoons Within Cocoons:

    Paleo critics have no influence to speak of, and so they have nothing to lose by continuing to say what they think, and gradually many of the reformists are going to find themselves in a comparable position, but the message this will send is that mainstream conservatism cannot tolerate or handle serious dissent from either the right or from its left. The calcification of thought in the mainstream movement, the forming of cocoons within cocoons that we are seeing now, may mean that all kinds of critics fail to make any inroads. However, what this ultimately means is the ever-diminishing influence of the mainstream movement as it ceases to have any capacity for internal renewal or an ability to adapt. In the end, this works to the advantage of various alternative rights that currently do not receive much of a hearing, and in the interim it means that the mainstream movement will stumble along in confusion, bereft of ideas, as most reform proposals are met with scorn and ridicule.

  • Death: a great career move.
  • Fast-Mutating Viroids Hold Clues to Early Life.
  • So far, no one has responded for the call for clownish performers. I hold out hope for our town and its potential for silliness.
  • Facing South: Southern oligarchy and the labor unions (Real nice new site design there!)

    Cheap labor. Even more than race, it’s the thread that connects all of Southern history — from the antebellum South of John C. Calhoun and Jefferson Davis to Tennessee’s Bob Corker, Alabama’s Richard Shelby and the other anti-union Southerners in today’s U.S. Senate.

    It’s at the epicenter of a sad class divide between a desperate, poorly educated workforce and a demagogic oligarchy, and it has been a demarcation line stronger than the Mason-Dixon in separating the region from the rest of the nation.

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