Lie to Me

Lie to Me will likely be a bit of a flash in the pan. It’s great at what it does, but lacks anything to keep it going once the universe of material it works from is quickly exhausted. Already in the first season a couple of episodes have been a little bit weak. But this latest one is an exception. Just wait until you have 45 minutes at a stretch & watch it:

Paul Ekman, the inspiration behind and scientific consultant for the show blogs the episodes here.

PS I have no way of evaluating the quality of the science behind this. Psychology is known as a “soft” science to begin with, accepting standards of evidence (out of necessity) that would not pass muster in the physical and life sciences. On top of that television and Hollywood are notorious for getting science wrong. Nevertheless, I have a a good hunch about this one. I’d be willing to bet that a lot of the stuff in the show is close to real. I certainly have little problem suspending disbelief, except at some bad plot lines here & there.

PPS We can talk about Dollhouse another time, I guess.

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