Great Storyteller Paul Harvey (updated 3/1)

I just learned that he has passed on at 90 years old.

It’s a very pleasant childhood memory, riding around with Dad, listening to “The Rest of the Story” on the radio. I’ll always remember Paul Harvey fondly.

Writing again next morning… I’ve reflected more on this. A few more notes:
1) Everyone seems to have a favorite reminiscence about the Harvey broadcast. His commercial endorsements that sounded like they came from a life-time devotee of the product; his trademark pauses; “the rest of the story”; etc… I think mine is “Page Two.” I don’t know why I enjoyed hearing him read the page number so much, but it really gave me a visual of him reading prepared notes meticulously numbered to be ready for broadcast.
2) A lot of discussion that Harvey’s politics were conservative. Yes, they were. I will say that he brought credit to conservatism, credit they will lose if they cannot keep his reasonable character alive. As LeftWingCracker put it, “Paul Harvey could be right-wing without being vicious…”, and “he read the news with enough editorializing to notice, but never so much that you could stay mad at him for every long.”
3) No, he did not write that stupid letter. To paraphrase LWC above, Mr. Harvey was conservative, but he wasn’t a cretin. He was a stand-up guy.
4) I really hadn’t realize just how large Harvey loomed in my own and America’s popular imagination. He was truly an American icon.
5) via Nashville Post Politics, here is what looks like the “official” Paul Harvey memorial page.

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