Gators to Lane Kiffin…”It’s definitely personal now.”

Gators Junior safety Ahmad Black needed a tissue for his issue with Lane Kiffin’s recent comments about Urban Meyer.

Kiffin may have made an illegal uppercut to FL’s Urban Meyer when he suggested that Meyer violated NCAA rules by calling Nu’Keese Richardson while Richardson was on his official visit to Tennessee…but the NCAA claimed that it was NOT illegal and that Kiffins public cries were. So, it was Kiffin in turn who had to publicy apologize…and it was Tennessee who Nu’Keese Richardson signed with.

If you call that logic…then its hard to argue with.

Several Florida players say photos of Kiffin are posted throughout their locker room, a reminder of what will fuel them come Sept. 19 in the Swamp.”

Kiffin’s response:

First, I think it’s a neat thing that Tennessee’s logo is all over Florida’s locker room,” …yada yada yada.

Look folks, I have blasted Kiffin in the past for providing bulletin board fodder for ANY SEC team…doesnt matter. Why give someone else extra incentive to beat us??

But the fact is, …when we play the Gators…does it really matter? I mean, can we really pour more fuel on the fire??

Florida isnt alone in this. Kiffin hasnt singled out one single SEC team. He has single handedly trashed every single team in the SEC…(I dont remember much about the Wildcats tho’?)

But what has he done besides that?

What has he done?

I dont know but according to he has managed to recruit possibly one of the best coaching staffs in college football.

Mostly NFL and highly regarded college recruiters are now wearing orange…Now, if you were a kid coming up with a football scholarship waiting on you…would you want people that have been there and done that?

I know I would.

Kiffin spent half of this offseason acquiring his coaching staff…then spent the other half of this offseason acquiring what refers to as the 10th best recruiting draft in the nation.

No small task indeed.

He has managed to rank UT as high as #10 in recruiting this year…just ahead of NCAA National Champs the Florida Gators.

…and he might have nabbed one of the highest touted recruits in the nation with his signing of Brown.

1 comment to Gators to Lane Kiffin…”It’s definitely personal now.”

  • My interpretation of what Kiffin is doing is like the new guy just getting thrown into prison. He looks around for the biggest, baddest bastard in the place and walks up and hits him squarely in the mouth.

    He is showing his players that he ain’t skeered and they need not be skeered either.

    I predict he still gets ass-raped next year but he is building a foundation. It will take some time.

    All he really needs is a legitimate SEC caliber quarterback. As long as Tennessee is weak at that position it is going to be hard to compete.

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