Electronic Election

I was surprised at the amount of on-line visibility the various city office candidates had this year – blog posts at Chattarati, tweets, facebook pages, facebook causes, more facebook causes, facebook updates, etc., etc., etc. This was especially true in the mayoral race, and more especially true of the Healy camp. I had invitations to join Sustainable Chattanooga on facebook, Curbside Recycling on Facebook, and Healy for mayor on Facebook. I received updates from all three asking for my help and reminding me to vote. And there was a nice “thank you” sent out by Healy’s friends this morning. Very well done.

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  • Yeah, had I stayed in the race, I think I might have been on track to be number one (of the mayoral set, anyway) using social media, a blog, and other means of electronic communication. But it’s good that several others did well with this.

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