Clown Meet and School

Live in Chattanooga? Interested in any meeting to learn, teach, or share tips about any of the following? Hit me on the Contact Page:
Slapstick or Vaudeville Comedy
Face Painting and Costume
Balloon Animals

I’d like to hear from you. If there is interest, I’d like to hold gatherings for a couple of hours on Saturdays where aspiring antics artists can advance their trade, or just locate similarly disposed people to ride or practice with.

Here’s the back story. I was riding at the River Park Sunday and I came upon a family – a middle aged couple and a young man of about twelve. When Mom & Dad saw me, they exclaimed that “he” – the young man – had just been telling them how much he wanted to learn. I would have liked to stop and offer to show him the basics, but I felt that there wasn’t time enough to get him to a point where he would feel he had accomplished anything. I didn’t want to just leave him frustrated. So I kept going. But, man, I would have liked to offer a way for him to learn.

There are also a good few things I’d like to learn myself. I know that there are at least three or four Chattanooga area unicyclists that could teach me a thing or two, if they were patient and willing.

Basically, I just think we need a troop, meet, or school for the clownish performing arts here, and I’m trolling for interest. So hit me up.

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