The General Says “Meet the New Boss”

And says it so much better than I can.

Followers of a cult of personality will allow their leader to get away with almost anything; believers in justice and basic legal principles will remain loyal to those principles first, not to any individual politicians.

Our lives, property, and liberty are best secured through the existence of strong laws which apply to everyone, most especially the government, and not by trusting in the “good will” or “good character” of any particular leaders. That’s what it means to be a nation of laws rather than a nation of men: a nation ruled by rational systems rather than one ruled by charismatic authority figures.

America under the Bush administration was moved away from being a nation of laws to a nation ruled by the whim of a single leader. If we are going to move back to being a nation of laws, we must pressure the Obama administration to do so. We cannot and should not simply assume that he and others will just “do the right thing.” We must not be afraid to criticize Barack Obama and his appointed officials with all the same fierceness with which we once criticized George W. Bush – it’s the principles of liberty and democracy which matter, not any one person.


2 comments to The General Says “Meet the New Boss”

  • RW

    A bit late trying to distance the movement away from the cult of personality syndrome, but….good luck, racists. :)

  • It would be a nice start if the press would ask Obama if he was deposed by Fitzgerald regarding the Burris Senate seat on that last quick visit to Chicago.

    I can’t imagine Bush pulling off these closet meetings with the Feds about the shenanigans we call Democratic politics in Illinois.

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