It’s Here!

I got home yesterday and  my Kindle was in the mailbox. I was so happy. My parents and my wife and my kids all threw in a little and got me one for my 51st birthday. It just took the thing 4 weeks after my birthday to get here.

I immediately started charging it up and downloaded my first book.

The Road is the first book that I put on it. I love that book. It is definitely a book that is better the second and third time you read it. My wife was a little confused as to why I would put a book that I have already read on the Kindle but The Road is a book that I just like to open up and read a little bit of every now and then.

The next book I download will be Nixonland. I have never read it but I have had it recommended to me by a number of folks so I think I will give it a look.

I am going to have fun with my Kindle. There will probably be things about it that I wish were better or different but for now it is everything I had hoped it would be and more. 

Any book recommendations any of you might have will be considered. It is raining right now and it is supposed to rain most of the weekend.

I know what I will be doing if that turns out to be the case.

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