Housekeeping: kill some plugins?

Trying to jazz up the reading experience a smidgeon here. Unintended consequences are mainly that pages are slow to load. Here’s what’s new and expendable – leave a note if you have a preference on what gets the axe:

Related posts – probably the slowest element, but only loads on individual posts (not the front page).

Post displays author’s gravatar, besides name – pretty slow, but makes it clear who wrote which. May have more importance as more authors come on board.

ShareThis – options to make post links to social networking sites. Nobody uses this right now, but I hope that some will one day, if and when users of such sites find something worth sharing.

Recent Comments in the sidebar – I like sites that use this, as it helps identify where the latest discussion is quickly and easily. Doesn’t seem to slow the page terribly.

My Twitter Feed – not sure what the point of having this is… I still haven’t figured Twitter out, really. But it doesn’t seem to slow us down much.

Stuff you can’t see – like Google Analytics, which I don’t really use much but doesn’t seem to slow us down much. StatPress – a site statistics deal that seems to record way more hits than site-meter, but doesn’t give them to me in a very usable format.

I’m also considering adding WP-cache or WP-supercache to speed up page loading. I’m just not sure if that will cause us to lose some real-time comment updates or kill other plug-ins, considering that it renders the page in HTML.


Update: the current configuration doesn’t like WP-cache at all.

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