I’m going to take a few minutes to read, per Gibbs’ suggestion, the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan executive summary (pdf). Even after I do it, I won’t know what to think… because I really don’t understand these topics. I just thought the video was funny.

I think it’s funny too, in a sad kind of way, that people at work who have no more clue than I do what the plan does – are parroting Santelli as though he were some sort of Solomon figure. One fellow – a “higher up”, came into the gym while the news was talking about the homeowner bailout and started a rant of his own along the lines of “I guess it’s just my fault; I should have gotten in over my head, too, so I could get a bailout”. I just smiled. He’s the same fellow who just the other day, in a discussion about the Great Depression, asked with a straight face “who won?” World War II.

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