Belated NSOTU NPost says he got some stuff wrong… but looking at it, it’s nothing terrible. Certainly doesn’t approach the sixteen word world record for wrongness in a SOTU.

I didn’t watch. I followed NPR’s tweets for a while before I turned in. So not much else from me. I hear Bobby J. didn’t thrill a lot of GOP thrill-seakers… but what did you expect? I’ve seen Daschle & Pelosi do this job before, and let me tell you, they set the bar pretty doggone low.

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  • I knew nothing of Bobby Jindal until I watched that response. I had seen pictures of him and that is about all.

    But I had heard how he was the real up and comer in the party and that he was a guy to watch.

    I felt really bad for him. It was horrible beyond description and I think anybody who agrees to speak after Obama is making a huge mistake. He is an impossible act to follow.

    It is way too early for Republicans to start trying to sell the limited government, fiscal responsibility bullshit. Nobody is buying it and they should stop trying to sell it. It is not who and what they are.

    I think they would be well served to do more listening than talking for a little while at least.

  • Hearing him tell the story left me feeling like he had jazzed it up quite a bit. It just didn’t sound true when he told it. I don’t want to come out and say that I am sure it was bullshit because I can’t but I can say that it sure sounded like bullshit when he told it.

  • RW

    Didn’t see Jindal (never have), didn’t hear about the stuff that was in his speech. That said, and it could be entirely plausible, color me a bit skeptical of the latest daily “we’re taking down the Republican liars” talking points, this set (as they usually are) coming from Josh “sure I collaborated on the Fake Rather Memo story, but so what?” Marshall and a bunch of Daily Kossacks. Yes, I see that all that mountain of evidence was enough for…well, Keith Olbermann.


    I guess the final hurdle to cross will be if they can get Glenn Greenwald & Andrew Sullivan on board.

    Personally, I’m getting flashbacks of these same people compiling all that evidence that Dubya had some mechanical gizmo wired underneath his jacket so he could debate Kerry. You know, cheating. On camera. In front of about 50 million people.

    You know why they’re both so plausible? Because they’re Republicans.


  • Rather than use the word “lie” I guess “embellished” would be better.

  • RW

    “During Hurricane Katrina, I and former Sheriff Harry Lee were with (then Congressman) Bobby Jindal more than anybody else from the federal government. He didn’t wait for cameras or permission — he was boots on the ground, and anyone that disputes that obviously wasn’t in Louisiana.” — Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand (D)

    Like I stated earlier, it could all be just one big Bide…er, made up story, but for a bunch of people who have a Rather (pun intended) long history of being wrong while trying to besmirch their opposition (first time I came across Josh Marshall was when he was the leading proponent of the now-discredited “George W. Bush is a closet racist because he sent a wreath to the grave of a confederate soldier, hey, let’s all smear Republicans” story many years back) while finding ways to be continually pissed off, it’s becoming a bit too precious.

    Look, the elections were a mandate.
    The left has a huge monopoly. They’re getting spending like LBJ & Hughie Long could’ve only imagined and they’re getting to push through tax hikes on the upper tiers and there’s nothing the Republicans can do to stop them. So, if it’s not abject hatred, why is it that so many are hell-bent on beginning and ending their days trying to find the latest example of outrage from the now-distinct minority party?

    You guys are “the power”. Playing the role of a fan screaming outrage at a Rage Against the Machine concert is a bit off kilter when you’re now the Machine.

    It may be complete BS. I dunno. I do know that many of the same people who played their constant role of foot soldier while passing along the notion that Ayers really was just a guy who lived in the Messiah’s neighborhood (debunked, talking points) are more than willing to charge falsehood based on….a bunch of bloggers claiming lies based on Josh Marshall determining falsehoods that finally have made it to the big-time (third place in cable news ratings at 8:00!) and Keith Olbermann reading the bloggers’ reports on the air.

    I’m sorry, and I have no opinion of Jindal since I know nothing of him and I’m only a registered Republican because there is no viable 3rd party in Georgia, but I’m not ready to accept the notion that someone is a liar (embellishing is lying) because a bunch of bloggers who hate the guts of conservatives and Republicans, and I chose the word “hate” because it is 100% accurate, said so.

    I’ve always tried to play the “what if the shoe were on the other foot” game, even when it goes against my political interests (recall that I never denigrated the anti-war people who were legitimately against the war from the get-go….not one word, even showed respect for their stance even though I disagreed), so I think I’ll treat this in the same manner that I’ve treated all those people who screamed (some still are) that Barack Obama really isn’t a US citizen & we still haven’t seen his ‘real’ birth certificate: eh, okay, you do what you wish but I’ll reserved judgment on claiming ‘fraud’ until I see something other than a citation of someone who hates Jindal and/or his ideology.

  • I think RW is at least partly right on this.

    Giving benefit of the doubt where benefit of the doubt is due, and going on the words of Jindal, Lee before there was a question, and Normand, after the fact… a reasonable reconstruction is that Jindal was visiting Lee’s office at some point several days after the boats had been deployed, that he listened to a conversation wherein Lee defended his prior decision (thus all the “arrest me” type remarks) and remembered and reconstructed the event as though it were happening at the time the boats were being lined up – a reasonable misinterpretation of long-ago memories.

    It’s still funny to me, just because the way Jindal told the story seems rather contrived in the Ayn Rand style.

  • I drew my conclusions about the story the moment he told it. I did not wait until others brought it up and I sincerely do not care that the tale was or might have been doctored up a little bit.

    It is funny to me too. Certainly not inexcusable and it does not make me think less of Jindal.

    I don’t think it is fair to judge a batter just because you saw him strike out one time.

  • Limited confirmation for my hypothesis about how this kind of mistake could be made.

  • RW

    Buck, that ‘strike out’ line was great. I’m gonna incorporate that into my usual vernacular in life.

    Yes, the video Jindal’s office released confirmed what I’ve long thought about Marshall (and his co-bloggers); excellent source of material for Democratic party inside-baseball, on a level with dailykos. Hit-and-miss when it comes to “reporting” on Republicans, as he/they are too wrapped up in their hatred for them that they take leaps of faith and often fall flat. He’s still a good source on the Dem stuff, though, even though he strikes out a heckuva lot while trying to smear Republicans.

    See? Already incorporated. :)

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