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Bartholomew’s Notes catches a bit of silliness from OneNewsNow. My impression of ONN is that their reporters wire and editorial staff are just gullible enough for the job. They could take some lessons on how to do Right-Christian Journalism from SRN News.

Anyway this reminds me of a program Kay Arthur did on her Precepts show on Moody Bible, wherein she holds that the Bible predicts that Babylon will be rebuilt in the 21st century. Her logic is that Isaiah prophecies that it will be destroyed never again to be inhabited – and since that hasn’t happened yet, it must be re-built in order to undergo that destruction. I think it is a sign of brain drain at Moody Bible Institute that Kay Arthur is afforded a space on the radio network.

Anyway… interesting stuff. It’s always an entertaining challenge to try to keep up with the latest apocalyptic fads.

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  • You ain’t gonna rebuild much of anything with 700K. You can’t get a below average utility infielder for 700K.

    I have always been interested in end times stuff. I have had my eyes set on 12/21/2012 since I first heard about it in the 80′s.

    I still believe that as that day approaches you are going to get a lot of the Y2K type hysteria.

    Jack Van Impe, Hal Lindsey, Perry Stone and a host of others have made pretty damn good livings pointing towards the end of time.

    I just love that kind of stuff. I intend to meet with my portfolio manager on 12/22/2012 to see where we stand.

  • You should read Joel Rosenberg – he’s the hot new thing in the age old art of prophesying the end of the world. In Copper Scroll, he spins a better yarn than anything Dan Brown has ever done… In Last Jihad, not so much. I haven’t read Epicenter yet, but from what I can tell from the web-site that Rosenberg has the same propensity for mono-mania and egocentricism that made Hal Lindsay great.

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