See you on St Paddy’s day

St. Patrick’s day is Monday, March 17. St. Patrick was never canonized, though he is recognized as a saint by the Catholic church. He may well be a conflation of two individuals, according to modern scholarship.

But, really, the important thing to know about him is that his Feast Day is celebrated March 17, with debauchery, beer, and the music of Ireland.

The best chances Chattanoogans will have, then, to celebrate St. Patrick’s day will be Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with the Molly Maguires. Friday night at 9:00 p.m. at Murphy’s Ale House (the old BR building on Georgia Ave), and midnight at “Shamrock City” on Lookout Mountain. The same schedule is repeated on Saturday night – 9:00 at Murphy’s and midnight at Rock City. Then, Sunday night, the blowout event will be at the home stage for the Mollys – The Local on Cherokee Blvd.

If you want to see the Mollys on the big day, you’ll have to drive to Cocoa Beach, Florida and visit them at Paddy Cassidy’s, who no doubt is paying a premium to bring the real thing from Chattanooga, since they can’t find it in the Sunshine state.

If you are looking for me and plans don’t change, I’ll be at the Saturday night 9:00 show at Murphy’s Ale House. If I can get two yard passes the same weekend, you might catch me on Sunday night at the Local as well.

Celebrate responsibly & I hope to see you this weekend!

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