UT VOLS are ranked 1st in the nation for the 1st time in history!

The Mighty UT Vols Mens Basketball team went into hostile territory (while ranked 2nd in the nation for the first time in UT history) and beat the #1 ranked team in the nation…which happened to be just across the field in the same state…the home of the Memphis Tigers…which, btw, were on their way to becoming the 1st team to be undefeated since Bob Knights’ Hoosiers of 76′.


The VOLS went into hostile territory and beat an undefeated team to become the 1st ranked team in the nation for the 1st time ever in UT Mens basketball history!

Although Lofton didnt put up the numbers that he is used to, he was instrumental when it came to icing the deal, …he sealed the game on the free-throw line at the end of the game…but, at least to me, the real hero is coach Bruce Pearl…who will continue to dig into the western hemisphere of the Volunteer state to get recruits that want to pledge to a winning fraternity…and let the Tigers have the sloppy seconds…lol!

It was a hell of a basketball game…I dont think my heart can take many more like that which was played tonight…Memphis is a tough bunch…especially on their own home turf…Dorsey is a monster…but heart is what won the game!

The excitement level was at such extremes that both teams had to be separated two different times in the tunnel before they were ever introduced to the fans.

I felt, at times, that Tennessee was too aggressive after a defensive rebound…they tried to get it to the opposite court too quickly and were stumped in the process.

Memphis is definately a force to be reckoned with…but so are the VOLS.

It was one of the best basketball games I have ever seen in my life. Heart and soul!

May Bruce Pearl long reign in Knoxville and I hope that the orange jacket wears him well.

…also, J. Prince might just be my MVP of the game…although JaJuan Smith kicked a lil’ ass himself! 

UT Vols….#1 in the nation!!! Get used to it!!!


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  • Beautiful! Congrats to Tennessee. Who would have thought such awesome basketball would come from the South. Memphis is tough, but you guys did an awesome job.

    I’m only in the Philippines briefly, back to Portland soon.

  • Buck

    It was a wonderful game. There were times when Tennessee tried to play faster than they are capable of playing but I was much impressed with their ability to maintain their composure and stick to the game plan.

    Tennessee has one hell of a coach.

    His interview with Erin Andrews at the end of the game was wonderful. Just being able to talk with Erin Andrews without stammering is an accomplishment.

    Tuesday night against Vandy will be great. I can’t wait to watch that one.

  • jadarm

    Vandy scares me a bit…and although I feel good about being ranked #1 I dont quite feel as positive about our possible outcome in March.

    UCLA is dynamate, …North Carolina is right there waiting…and so is Memphis.

    I like the fact that we won without Lofton being on top of his game …not that he had very much chance to be…its definately going to be tough!

    Bruce Pearl is one helluva coach. Like he said on ESPN the other day…

    “Between me and Pat Summit, we have 7 National Championships…she has 7…and I have none!”

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