More bad news for Belichick!

Belichick has said that he misinterpreted the league’s bylaws, telling Goodell that he thought it was permissible to use electronic equipment as long as the information was not used in the same game.

…yeah, for for the last 7 years including 3 NFL Championships.

“The rules are very, very clear. There is no need to be more specific or clarify any rules whatsoever” – Jeff Fisher

“For somebody to say that, it’s kind of disgusting. The whole point is if they really cheated. To say he took some steroids and it did help or it didn’t help, that’s never the point. The point is, to all these high school coaches and high school kids and college kids, that if they did cheat, that’s the point” – Mike Martz

This is a pretty good read, …quite damning to the Pats’ beloved coach.

Its interesting to note the NFL’s rules on the time frame allowed in which the coaches can communicate instructions to their quarterbacks…and the fact that the New England Patriots run a ton of no-huddle offensive attacks.

I think they definately need to be investigated further…and not by disgruntled Eagles fan Arlen Specter, but by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who I feel is trying to sweep this under the rug as quickly as possible.

…Now, should there be an asterisk beside the 01′, 03′, and 04′ Championships?

Should the Vince Lombardi trophies be taken away completely?

Is it fair to the Rams, the Panthers, or the Eagles if Roger Goodell doesnt?

The Patriots were hit hard …but in my opinion, …not hard enough.

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  • I never liked the Patriots, in part as a long-time Dolphin’s fan (which btw I saw a sweet Dolphins Jacket here in Dumaguete and almost bought it, only $25…but then realized…I’m stepping back from my sports mania and probably would never wear it, plus they are an awful team and I’m something of a fair weather fan now a days).

    Still I always liked Belichek, and so this makes me pretty sad and angry. Yeah, take it away…

  • davey

    It’s amazing to how it seems like all of the greats in sports are cheating in one way or another somehow.

    What ever happened to purity?

    Pretty soon it’s going to get to the point where you can’t look at a single person on the field without wondering if he’s juicing or something else…if we’re not there already.

  • Bryan

    I hate the Pats and everything about them, from their elitiest attitude and pompus ways! With that being said I dont think they should take their trophies away, I think they should just suspend Bill for several years from coaching and fine Kraft several million, enough to where he would acutally feel the sting, along with banning them from the draft for several years! Make them earn their wins thru free agents and trades, lets see how many teams will be willing to deal with them knowing that they are cheaters! The whold “We are the pats and you are not attitude” will not last long if the whole NFL community spoke out against them. I was upset that the Senator got involved at first but them more he dug the more we found out! Thank god for once we got something decent out these hearings! We exposed the Pats for the punks we all knew they were.

  • jadarm

    I am not a big Pats fan either…but to be completely honest, I dont think they were alone when it came to taping the “enemy”.

    …they are just the high profile target to hit right now. Its making news and people are watching.

    …would anyone give a $%#@ if the Falcons were taping? Nope, they would be emailing the team telling them to get better cameramen!

  • Bryan

    Good point about the falcons, BUT..cheating is cheating. I would say the same about Arthur Blank if he and his staff were cheating. For some reason I am more inclined to trust Blank more than I am the elitest bob kraft!

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