Unholy Alliance

or the manifestation of The Will of God ?

Hillary C versus Rudy G!

This is gonna be wonderful.


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  • This is gross. It just gets worse, it seems.

  • I wanna see Hillary C running against Ron P — whatever would the anti-war democrats DO?!?!

  • RW

    I’m one of those evangelical Christians who has supported Guiliani throughout. ‘course, folks who aren’t ECs and who don’t particularly like them wouldn’t dare dream of such a thing being common, since they’re the “enemy” and as such have only sinister tendencies and wishes. After all, that’s what they say on the internet, ain’t it? :)

    whatever would the anti-war democrats DO?!?!

    Feh, do what pro-war Republicans will do: pull the lever of the person with the ‘correct’ political affiliation next to it. In your case, the one with the “D”. Not that it’ll matter…..remember, you guys run both houses of congress & we’re still there while 7 of the 9 justices are still republican appointees & abortion remains quite legal.

    It’s almost as if…….it’s all a game…….

  • It’s almost as if…….it’s all a game…….

    Exactly! And to paraphrase Bob Dylan, “We’re only a pawn in their game”

    The appeal of anarchy just gets stronger with each passing day.

  • RW

    To say that I would file my political tendencies under “cynical” at this point (again) would be an understatement. Although, I’m not sure who is leading the “who can lie the most” contest; the politicians themselves or the armchair pundits (including about 98% of political bloggers, who are so boring at this point that it’s shameful) who are attempting to prop up ‘their’ guys.

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