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If I was a gun nut, I’d name my blog “Chamberin’ Around”.

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  • Buck

    That ain’t bad at all.

    At what point does one become a “gun nut”? And is being a “gun nut” a bad thing?

  • Somewhere between having too many to fit in one safe and Jay G. And no – there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • [...] Now that’s funny. [...]

  • I’ve always been partial to The Simpson’s “BloodBath and Beyond.”

  • At what point does one become a “gun nut”?”

    Somewhere between having too many to fit in one safe and Jay G.

    Would either of you fine gentlemen mind if I used this as a quote on MArooned? That’s freakin’ AWESOME!

  • And here I thought that a gun nut was an internally threaded fastener used in the assembly of a firearm.

  • You are a gun nut in San Francisco when walk into gun store.

    Your a gun nut in California when your 10 year old asks the nice police captain (at school for career day) “I see your carrying a Beretta 92F, my Dad prefers a 1911, which one do prefer?”

  • Buck

    Take it Jay. It’s all yours.

  • Thanks guys. The quote in the form I used above now resides proudly under my ugly mug. :)

    And, for the record, I have more guns than will fit in four safes. And a shitload of gun cases, too…

    And I want more. More! MORE!

  • Jay
    Dad, gun nut, motorhead, shaved-head biker with a foul mouth and a bad attitude. Foolishly clinging to the notions of self-reliance and free will in the land of the perpetual nanny…
    Sounds like you just discribed me. Well, OK, I have a full head of hair.
    Anyway you should come over and checkout my forum/website. If you’re a gun-nut you might like it.

  • David R

    I think the flip happens when you get to a point that you spend more time prepping and reloading spent cases than you do actually shooting …..

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