He’s Makin’ a List

If you’re from here, you’ve probably seen this guy around. If you’re from a comparably sized or larger community, you’ve probably seen someone like him. Better check the list folks.


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  • Buck

    Every town has at least one.

    There is a guy in our town who wears one of those thingys that you slip over your head and on to your shoulders so you have a poster in the front and one hanging down your back.

    The last time I saw him the poster on front said “Sex before marriage is WRONG!” I could not see the back but I told my wife it should say “Sex after marriage is RARE!”

    She was not amused. The Truth hurts.

  • I’m just trying to figure the significance of the seaweed pictures on the sides of the sign…

    Oh, that and why he specified “adulteresses”.

  • sea-weed = flames from the hell-fire. In fairness, I’m not sure the color is coming through right – I seem to remember them being more yellow than green in real life.

  • Well it would appear that U*Us are not on his list yet.

  • I’ll mention that to him next time I see him. I’m sure he’ll be happy to make room for us on his sign.

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