Googling for sex

Googling around, I made a discovery, based on the following experiment:

Google for your last name and the word “sex”. Answer these questions:

  1. How unexpected was the first hit? Mine — very. A sexual predator site.
  2. Does a hit that’s unambiguously you occur within the top 50? I make it at #50 exactly, thanks to an paper I published at a statistical workshop in which another author wrote about an experiment that involved both men and women.
  3. Does a hit to a personal ad or pornography site occur within the top 50? Surprisingly to me, given the vast amounts of porn on the Web, this did not happen.

What do you get? I should say that if your last name is not unusual or happens to be the same as that of a porn star, you’re not likely to find yourself.

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  • Oh…and no porn.

  • It isn’t going to find me…. with my last name, this experiment is useless. Somewhat more interesting results if I included my only slightly less common first name. It still didn’t find me, or any porn… but apparently I’m involved in the plot of a particular sex & the city episode – that was the majority of the results, including the first hit. I once just googled my name; nothing else… Some of my conymists (I just made that word up) have interesting careers. Several academics. I don’t know how I got left out.

  • RSA

    Dave, you’re a clean-living, well-regarded man. Smijer, I like your Latin stylings.

  • Dave, you’re a clean-living, well-regarded man.

    Ha…you obviously did not look at some of the links it found. Maybe not porn, but legal cases were to be found! :)

  • Buck

    Not surprisingly my first hit included sex and a lawsuit.

    No porn that I could find.

    For me, sex is always ambiguous.

  • 1. Fort Myers party
    2. #14, 44, and 46
    3. No.

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