Well, Here We Are

Have at it.

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  • RW

    Good to see you switched. Saw your note on the html adjustments (you’ll need some more tweaking, this comment box is larger than your static template btw and so your page scrolls to the left while typing). FYI, if you want to get a ready-made template for WP and then simply adjust the colors to your tete-a-tete-tete scheme, you can go here:

    and view a bunch of freebies ready for download. That’s what I did after going thru the initial pains of switching & after I got the one I wanted I only had to change a few colors/categories and I was all set.

  • Oooh – thanks for the note. I\’ll have to adjust the size on the comment template. Also, appreciate the tip on the ready-made templates. If I get desperate, I\’ll switch to that.

  • Ok – this may be better.

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